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Tourism Award Submissions




Tourism Award Consultations



Online Education Resources

How would winning a tourism award, improve your business and your brand? Employ an award-winning writer to craft the words required to get your submission over the line.

I can write your whole award submission for you (yep, its okay to employ someone to do that!), anytime from June through September. Please note, I only take 4 a year as they take several weeks each to compile and perfect, so bookings are essential by 10th May each year.

Award consultations (on how to prepare for winning one) are offered October through May. If you are new to writing award submissions, or, you do not know what is required, these can be a great catalyst for improving your heritage or museum attraction, ahead of the tight deadline in September.

More so than ever before in the museum environment, our interaction with students and the community is shifting towards an online space. This might be an interactive website, a downloadable pdf teacher's toolkit or student-focussed activities on a website. Storytorch Consulting can curate an online experience that targets key curriculum outcomes, ensuring that teachers use your resources in their classroom, or they can simply direct students to engage with your collection in a way that uses current classroom technologies. With a wealth of curriculum knowledge and having worked with the new Australian Curriculum from day one in several audience engagement settings, Storytorch Consulting can put your museum at the front of the field in terms of student programming. 

Allow me to visit your site, assess your visitor impact, and work with your staff to reinvigorate the visitor experience. Talk to us about your needs and we will rise to the challenge.

Audience Engagement Strategies and Reviews

Onsite Programming

In a packed curriculum, teachers today cannot justify a visit to a museum setting, without clear curriculum links that target outcomes in their program. This need translates directly to your youth visitation statistics.

Storytorch Consulting will find the ultimate alignment between your collection and the Australian Curriculum (in any subject area, including Humanities and Social Sciences/History). We can design and deliver a new suite of programs, or we can review and reinvigorate existing onsite programming.

Grant Submissions


Audit of Guides and Presenters

We have the word precision and a keen editing eye  to take full advantage of opportunities for funding or recognition.

Are your guides on-brand and on-topic? I can lead your team through a guide audit, linking to their Individual Work Plans and realign their messaging and enthusiasm for delivering quality visitor experiences.


Editing of large scale publications and smaller reports and documents on demand.

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