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 Wadjemup Lighthouse by Grevillea on Flickr (Creative Commons).

Wadjemup Lighthouse by Grevillea on Flickr (Creative Commons).


Samantha Rutter grew up on the edge of an infamous port town, Fremantle, on the west coast of Australia.

Each night from her window, when the sun set over the immense Indian Ocean, Samantha would reliably see a beacon - shining its metered light across the vast expanse of darkness, revealing the restless ocean and the land upon which her ancestors landed.

Wadjemup Lighthouse at Rottnest Island, would become the icon of her childhood and the luminary for her sense of home - where all good writing comes from. 

That beacon made its way into her early writing, when she first began to use words to describe narratives, history, her ancestry and her birthplace. It has featured in both of her adult novels, and will no doubt appear again in her next.

For Samantha, it now embodies a sense of sharing stories, of shining a light on history, in a way that young people can decipher and trust.


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