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Suitable questions for book clubs! 

We've had a few requests for suitable questions for use in book clubs, with Samantha Tidy's novel The Happiness Jar, and so, here are just a few. We'd love to hear yours! Just use the contact form to submit a book club question, using 'bookclub' as the subject matter. 

  1. The Happiness Jar reflects a typical Australian family. Discuss.
  2. If you had a happiness jar (or perhaps you will start one!), what would you put in it?
  3. What is happiness?
  4. Does our relationship with death define how we live our lives?
  5. In The Happiness Jar, Beth travels along a path that challenges her faith. How do you see her faith changing throughout the course of the novel? Do you think this was always going to happen / was it inevitable, or did Rachel’s request cause it to happen?
  6. Each of the characters in The Happiness Jar have to move out of normal everyday comfort zones and into an environment that challenges their perception of life in order to make a substantial change to their way they perceive their life. Do you think we have to move out of our comfort zone in order to achieve such perception changes?
  7. Rachel Hudson supposedly led a full life in only twenty-seven years. What does a full life mean? What do you hope to have achieved by the end of your own life?
  8. What do you make of the family and their circumstance at the end of the novel? Is it going to be ‘happy families’ or do problems still exist?
  9. One of the settings of the novel is an Indigenous community, where Matt Hudson learns about the Indigenous health and education gap. What do you understand of that gap, and what (if anything) do you feel needs to be done about it?
  10. Brian Hudson’s absence in the family’s life has contributed to/ reduced the family’s problems. Discuss.


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